Wednesday, August 18, 2010


The title of a recent BlenderArtist thread, and then an email in the Blender Developers mailing list: Blenderstorm... Is Back. I haven't see it before, but then, I haven't seen a lot of things. However one thing is for sure, it has one slick website.

By now I'm sure you're going, "What is Blenderstorm anyway?" Well you can head over there and check it out, but I'll also give you a short summary as well.

Blenderstorm is essentially, a big, online brain storm of problems with Blender and (This is important) solutions to those problems. You must have a solution if you add a problem! The problems (or ideas as they are called by the website) are then put into the "Idea Sandbox", where users (you must create an account to use Blenderstorm) can comment on the ideas and provide other solutions as well.

Once your idea has been given three approvals by Moderators/Developers it is then moved into the Popular Ideas category. There Developers can choose to "adopt" an idea and it will be moved from the Popular Ideas to the Ideas in Development section. Once the project is completed it is added to the Implemented Ideas section.

Solutions can also be rated by users on how good they are, which might encourage developers to choose one or the other. Other Features of the website is that it is searchable. However the search feature could be refined a little. I tried it out by searching for Network, and one of the ideas that had Network in the title appeared at almost the very bottom.

Despite some of these downfalls, Blenderstorm is still a very well designed place. It has a great look which is sure to attract users if nothing else does, but it also has built in moderation against users who just like to tell everyone the problems with software, without actually trying to come up with a solution. Blenderstorm has only been out of beta in the last week or two and it already 7 ideas in the sandbox. Although there are no Ideas in Development or Implemented Ideas I'm sure that those will come with time.

With a great look and a great idea, Blenderstorm is definitely going to be the new place to be for developers.

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