Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dead Anim8or Not so Dead After All!

Looks like Anim8or has made a partial recovery after being pronounced clinically dead. Posts were already up on, and here, when Raxx, a senior moderator at posted about an email he had received from the sole developer of Anim8or, Steve. Apparently Steve has been rather busy lately, and is also completely revamping Anim8or. Because of this unfortunate combination, it looks like there still won't be much activity on the release side of things, however, at least there is a hope for the future.

Look forward to a year from now when v1.0 has been released and we are all sitting there scoffing at how we thought there was an end to Anim8or.


  1. Hope it's true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. At the very least there is not a whole lot going on. I have been trying to learn a free 3d, downloaded several, but relatively cracked anim8or's way of doing things first. I have tamed things to the point where I can do what I intend to, but have gotten stuck trying how to animate a drawing. There was a posable guy who came with a walk and a startled pose. I tried to take a frame and get it to move. I got to the point where the bone got posed to a new place, but the depicted leg stayed behind. Do you have any idea what I'm doing wrong?

    In the meantime, supporting links have been going down, and the forums have not been talking for years for the most part. I hope it will be rejuvenated, but will be happy if I could just learn some more.

    Please help!