Saturday, May 8, 2010

Anim8or Scripting Tutorials

,So, you've started using Anim8or and now you're wondering (after seeing all those cool scripts here), how do I get into Anim8or Scripting?

Anim8or Scripting Language (or ASL) is a very easy to learn scripting language which is based on C and is very simple. If you haven't yet you should definitely check out the language specifications. ASL supports most major data types such as ints, floats, longs, strings, ect. There are a couple different types of scripts as well. You can make scripts to generate objects or materials while you can also write scripts which will move objects around in a scene. Because the Anim8or workspace is divided into 4 separate places to either model, skeletonize (If that's a word), animate and render, each script has to can only do certain things in certain areas. For example you can't generate a cube in the animation workspace.

There is a list of tutorials on ASL scripting which I compiled on the Anim8or forum. There are, sadly, only five tutorials that I have seen on this language all over the web, so it is important to tell as many people as possible about them all. I have written two myself, one based (in part) on another scripting tutorial I read and the other is a continuation to expand. You can find those in the list of tutorials or here in a separate thread.

One of my tutorials was also published in the March 2010 issue of DotAn8 Magazine, a magazine which publishes in spurts depending on the amount of articles written. You can download that issue and others on the issues page of the website (

Hope this helps you in your exploration for more knowledge (or just learning ASL).

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