Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Blender Guru and the Compositor

Blender Guru just released its latest tutorial: Introduction to the Compositor. It looks like a very interesting tutorial, especially judging by the comments on the page of the actual video. Also the cover art is very nice, however I know from experience that although the cover art usually looks very nice (A tribute to the mastermind behind blender guru) the user's finished product is vastly different, as you will see if you try Blender Guru's Introduction to Texture Nodes tutorial.

However despite differences I do recommend trying out the tutorial as well as various other ones on Blender Guru: http://www.blenderguru.com/

I only wish that the author would present each tutorial in multiple formats or text only such as in the Creating Volumetric Cloud tutorial. In that one he had a video tutorial as well as a written tutorial included on the page. Even if the written one is too long or costly (images) to put on the webpage, at least allow the pdf to be easily downloaded.

When I went to download the much talked about, and very interesting looking Creating Realistic Fire in Blender 2.5 I was surprised and disappointed at all I had to do to get to the pdf. I thought a simple download this link was in hand but instead I had to sign up for the Blender Guru mailing list (Maybe he wants to show off how many people signed up??) and then I found (to my dismay) that the website he used (for hosting? or maybe just for the mailing list thing) was blocked by my ISP. Maybe this is only something I am experiencing, but I couldn't even find another place to download.

Hopefully the rest of his wonderful tutorials will be text based and easily downloadable. I have really enjoyed the ones I've read and wish to read more, especially about things like the compositor or making realistic fire/grass/clouds/whatever... 

Thanks for what you've done Blender Gure, please make it accessible for the rest of us! (Or at least the "us" who have these problems)

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  1. Hello and thank you for the plug!

    To answer a few of your questions...
    The reason I don't provide an alternate text based tutorial is the time involved. Recording tutorials takes long enough (usually a whole day per tutorial) and text is around the same, so it is essentially doubling the workload. Also, I recently held a survey and found that 3/4 of my readers prefer video format. So I primarily do that format.

    I use the mailing list as a way to find out who my readers are. I've only made two tutorials opt-in, so if people don't like giving out their email address they can just skip those. I'm not sure why your ISP blocks Aweber (my email hoster). This is the first I've heard of this.

    Hopefully accessing my tutorials will be less problematic in the future :) I'm constantly improving on old techniques, so if you don't like something, tell me and I can improve next time.